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DMC - Code by laser marking

for perfect traceability


The aim was to apply a DMC code to a die-cast aluminium gearbox housing by laser marking. Furthermore, the DMC code had to be checked for readability by means of a camera. The rejects were to be sorted out directly.


The workpieces are manually placed on a workpiece carrier at the insertion point. The products are transported to the laser safety area via the conveyor belt. The correct alignment and position of the products is achieved via a Poka-Yoke system. A mechanical flap at the entrance to the laser tunnel checks the insertion depth so that the system stops automatically if the product is in the wrong position. The automatic product recognition in front of the laser station checks the occupancy of the workpiece carrier and starts the laser process. After the DMC code has been lasered, a camera checks the readability. The results are forwarded to the following marking station, where the products are classified as O.K. and N.O.K. and marked with a colour code. products and marked with ink by means of colour coding. N.i.O. Products are discharged via a chute. I.O. Products are lifted out of the workpiece carriers of the conveyor belt via a pick and place system and placed on a conveyor belt. From there, the products are removed manually.

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