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Easy Branding

Laser marking for industrial purpose

Easy branding is the ideal wayto label workpieces by a laser in a economic, flexible and automatised way. By orienting the laser, the laser labeling happens automatically without any product intake.

The EcoMark EB machines offer you all advantages of a production machine

  • No expensive special developments
  • Standard software for operating the machine
  • Short project and delivery times
  • All laser systems equipped with laser protection class 1

Due to the intelligent standard software, the set-up times are minimal as well as no special workpiece carriers are necessary anymore . Therefore, the machine enables to brand a wide variety of workpieces which are made of metals, non-ferrous metals and plastics.

Natural Branding

The branding solution for fruits, vegetables and pastries

We have developed Natural Branding as a sustainable labelling solution, particularly for fruits and vegetables. Fast, flexible and economical- this is our way to label fruits, vegetables and co.
There is no use of labels or plastic packaging by still having full taste and durability . Additionally, it is environmentally friendly and productive since Natural Branding does not require set-up times and improves the margin by using a minimum of resources.
A Natural Branding machine labels a wide variety of fruits and vegetables – contactless, natural and without any additives or chemistry.