Label fruit, fruits and vegetables in an environmentally friendly and productive way. With full flavour and unlimited shelf life. Contactless, natural and completely without additives or chemicals, adhesive labels and plastic packaging. Only laser engraving with EcoMark Natural Branding offers you all of this. Your advantage: fast, flexible processes, best results and improved margins. And you show your customers how consistently you are committed to sustainability.



Laser marking with texts, graphics, logos or quality seals directly on vegetables, fruit and vegetables is suitable for various purposes.

Organic is a megatrend in the food sector, demand has been increasing for years, and more and more customers are willing to pay reasonable prices for healthy organic quality. It is therefore all the more important that high-quality organic fruit, fruit from controlled organic cultivation and organic vegetables are immediately recognisable and easily visible in the fruit and vegetable display. And of course as sustainably as possible - plastic has no place on organic products.

In addition, direct labelling is also suitable for versatile marketing and sales campaigns. Whether logo branding for high-quality brand products, labelling with product information, engraving for marketing and special promotions or seasonal product labelling for Christmas or Easter, for example - there are no limits to creativity.

EcoMark Natural Branding machines thus secure attractive opportunities for fruit and vegetable producers and food retailers to promote sales, credibly underpin their sustainability image and ultimately increase margins.



Fruit and vegetables are sensitive products that need to be handled with appropriate care. This is a matter of course for the CO2 laser machines from EcoMark. Whether it is fruit and fruit such as apples, bananas, kiwis etc., cucumbers, melons and pumpkins, vegetables such as courgettes, kohlrabis, aubergines, but also garlic or ginger - the range of applications is comprehensive. Even particularly sensitive citrus fruits can be safely laser labelled with Natural Branding from EcoMark.

The decisive factor is the technology that EcoMark has developed itself: In laser engraving, the laser beam removes a micrometre-thin layer of the fruit or vegetable peel with extreme precision. In the process, the fruit and vegetable substance under the peel remains untouched and intact, so that the shelf life remains 100 per cent. You can dispose of the branding by peeling it, but you can also simply eat it. Since Natural Branding works chemical-free and without additives such as glue for labels, the process is completely harmless to health. The taste is also not affected in any way.

In addition to gentle treatment, Natural Branding offers superior benefits through high productivity, efficiency and flexibility. Fast throughput times of up to 50,000 pieces per hour are possible, without sacrificing precision and without damaging the fruit or vegetables. We achieve this through the installation of high-quality scanners and lasers, but above all through the clever machine design and our unique On The Fly technology.

Thanks to the specially developed, intuitive EcoMark control software, any product labelling can be implemented flexibly and without costly changeover times within a very short time. For example, the changeover from pumpkins to kiwis is possible practically immediately. The fruits and vegetables do not have to be pre-sorted either, but can be poured or placed chaotically onto the conveyor belt.

Time and labour are major cost factors - with our Natural Branding machines, fruit and vegetable producers can speed up the processing of their produce and reduce the effort required. In addition, there are no consumables such as stickers or plastic packaging. In the end, laser marking also proves to be the most cost-effective solution, which means that the investment costs for the machines are quickly amortised.


Information for traceability, quality control or compliance with legal requirements, protection against brand piracy and plagiarism, classic branding with brand logos, infographics or machine-readable coding for automated production control: the spectrum of possible and useful applications of laser marking is endless.


Natural Branding is an innovative in-house development by EcoMark, which we are constantly developing and optimising. From the very beginning, the wishes, needs and experiences of producers and partners from the food trade were included. So we know what the industry needs and can advise you comprehensively and professionally. Talk to us, we will find and implement your customised solution, with which you can only win.

CO2 laser engraving is just as suitable for fruit and vegetables as it is for other foodstuffs such as baked goods, confectionery, meat, sausage, eggs and more.