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The company from Schleswig-Holstein offers a wide range of high-quality privacy and sun protection solutions that combine perfect functionality with modern aesthetics and create a special atmosphere for living spaces.

The labelling requirements:

The patented ifasol design rails for pleated blinds are marked with a laser tattoo that unmistakably but discreetly underlines the brand claim.

The aluminium rails in 6 different profile colours have different lengths up to 2500mm, the surfaces are finished in different ways: powder-coated, anodised, lacquered, aluminium raw or brushed. A solution was required that would guarantee precise and permanent laser marking with the brand name on all materials; the high-quality optics must also withstand prolonged mechanical stress.

The EcoMark solution:

A special machine was developed on the basis of the EcoMark modular concept, including the intuitive control software developed by EcoMark.

During the consultation and conception phase, the most economical process solution was manual loading of the laser machine. During production, the rails are inserted manually into the magazine positions parallel to the laser process. By means of a precise ball-bearing guide system, they are placed in such a way that four different profiles can be marked with one workpiece holder.

An automatic measuring device transmits the respective workpiece length to the machine control. After laser cutting, the rails are removed manually.

The laser room is always closed off so that laser class 1 is fulfilled in accordance with the protection guidelines.

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