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Eosta was looking for a partner to develop a flexible solution to expand its natural branding capabilities. The goal was to be able to react quickly even to different conditions, such as a change in the country of origin of fruit.

The degree of ripeness, the country of origin or the season change the characteristics of fruit and vegetables. Until now, you had to rely on external help who could not directly assess the result of the changes. Even the smallest changes in the settings took at least a day.


The machine was already delivered with the most important functions and then steadily developed further. Now we have a series machine with which we can quickly adapt the labelling of fruit and vegetables individually. Each fruit needs special settings on the machine for optimal branding.

Thanks to the expanded capacities of the EcoMark system, it is now possible to respond quickly to the wishes of large retail chains, for example.

Eosta has saved millions of packaging (labels, transport trays and films) with Natural Branding since the beginning of the cooperation with EcoMark. Especially in the ginger product line, the successes are visible and measurable:

68,000 kg less packaging per year
310,000 kg less CO2 emissions per year or a distance of 2.5 million km by car.

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