Fast, precise, fully automatic - this is how a small parts laser marking system must work

What do electronic components, cables and metal connecting parts, plastic housings, drills, standard parts and surgical needles, valves, toy miniatures and promotional gift giveaways made of a wide variety of materials have in common?

They are particularly small, usually occur in large quantities, require the highest marking quality and precision in labeling, and all of this should be automated, fast, and smoothly realizable in the production process.

In short, the smaller and more delicate the part to be marked, the greater the demands on the marking system.

As marking systems for the fully automatic marking of small parts and bulk materials, state-of-the-art laser technology is the ideal solution. For integration into your own production lines as well as for suppliers and companies that produce large quantities in contract manufacturing for demanding customers. Provided that the small parts laser marking system has everything that is important for industrial marking.


Laser marking has become established in many industries for good reason. It allows the permanently durable marking of all kinds of materials. Laser technology can be used to engrave and mark metal, plastics, wood, ceramics, cardboard, paper and even sensitive foodstuffs. The spectrum of possible applications of laser marking systems for industrial use is equally broad: Markings and engravings used for traceability, quality control or compliance with legal requirements. Secure marking to protect against brand piracy and plagiarism. Brand branding, logos, infographics or machine-readable coding for automated production control and much more are possible thanks to state-of-the-art laser marking technology.

One of the biggest advantages of laser engraving compared to other methods such as printing or applying labels is the absolutely reliable abrasion resistance of the marking, which can withstand the toughest mechanical, weather-related or chemical stresses over the long term without any problems. Humidity, heat, cold, friction, chemicals - nothing can soften, fade or wear off with laser engraving. Parts marking by means of a marking laser is practically indestructible and even the finest structures under 1 millimeter always remain clearly legible. And the fact that no consumables are required makes a positive difference in terms of cost.


The EcoMark Easy Branding Compact laser marking machine for efficient and flexible marking of small parts and bulk materials was developed with this in mind. The first laser series machine for quick and easy entry into fully automatic small parts marking was presented for the first time at industry trade shows in 2022 and became a successful model right from the start.

The developers' ambition was to create a new, superior machine for the smallest laser parts, bulk materials and filigree workpieces that combines absolute precision with extremely high productivity, while being as flexible as all EcoMark machines and offering industrial users all the advantages of automated production.

With a measuring accuracy of at least 0.2 mm, an output of up to 5 markings per second and a throughput of laser parts of up to 20,000 pieces per hour, the Easy Branding Compact machine sets its own standards in the field of small parts laser marking.

The compact design saves space, and the machine can also be easily integrated into existing production lines. On request, the small parts laser machine can be supplemented with an adapted vibratory bowl as a vibratory feeder for bulk parts.

In fractions of a second, the high-quality 2 and 3D camera technology detects the small parts and their positioning on the belt and controls the laser alignment on the fly. Any incorrectly marked parts are automatically detected and rejected. The machine thus fulfills the ideal concept for fully automatic marking of small parts and bulk materials: everything is simply poured in at the front and comes out at the end precisely marked, and faster than you can watch. As in all EcoMark laser machines, only high-quality components from leading brands are used in the Compact version. The selected camera and laser technology suppliers meet the highest standards of reliability, quality and durability.


Like all EcoMark laser machines, the Easy Branding Compact is the successful result of the special way of thinking that EcoMark has used to revolutionize laser machine manufacturing. With its unique modular series construction concept and innovative EcoMark control software, the company offers scalable laser marking solutions for all materials, workpiece sizes, industries and industrial requirements. From the handy laser cabin to the wide range of customized EasyBranding and NaturalBranding series laser machines in the food sector to the highly individual special machine for laser marking.

Another highlight is the specially developed Windows-based EcoMark software, which offers a uniquely intuitive user interface. Anyone who can handle a tablet will master the control of EcoMark laser machines in practically no time at all. No special knowledge is required. This proves particularly useful for production companies that value high flexibility and want to mark frequently changing laser parts. The easy-to-use software reduces setup and set-up times to a minimum. The database can store any number of different workpieces and recall them at any time. Interfaces for data exchange online with the respective production system are available. The advantages for the companies are obvious: The simple machine control saves a lot of time and personnel.

All EcoMark laser marking systems are Industry 4.0-capable, can be monitored online and can be perfectly integrated into a wide variety of production environments. In addition to their high flexibility, EcoMark laser machines are characterized above all by the cost and time advantages that come with the intelligent series construction approach. Thanks to shorter development times and cost synergies, EcoMark machines for laser marking are generally particularly cost-effective and quickly ready for use.



As a specialist for intelligent, forward-looking solutions in the field of laser marking, EcoMark always has its finger on the pulse of developments in order to develop fast, customized solutions for every application and individual requirements.

We will be happy to discuss your plans and wishes with you.