ECOMARK Easy Proof makes automated quality control simple

Image processing systems for quality assurance - is it worth it? Sure! If you want to assure quality, you should assure quality. Your advantage: Optical quality assurance and automatic quality control practically succeed on their own. Easy Proof ensures more efficient and precise monitoring of your production processes. 

Benefit from everything that goes with it: more precision and quality. Fewer rejects and errors. And ultimately, more satisfied customers. Quality inspection in production? Quality assurance in production? Quality control for pharmaceuticals or other sensitive industries?

No problem with Easy Proof.


Can it really be that simple? Yes. With Easy Proof, you monitor your production line in real time. Easy Proof can be operated intuitively while providing you with precise results so that you can conveniently optimize your processes and increase your company's efficiency. At the heart of Easy Proof are sensors and camera systems with automatic image recognition and fast data evaluation.

These quality assurance systems ensure that you increase your output - simply by camera inspection. Nearly flawless quality control in production? Effective quality assurance in production? No problem at all. Optical inspection with camera makes your job easier here and everywhere else.

Optical quality assurance:
for fewer errors and fewer rejects

Put an end to quality control sampling. You want fewer defects and rejects? You'll get it. And now that practically goes by itself.

Easy Proof takes care of the automatic quality inspection for you. Even with large quantities, Easy Proof masters exact profile recognition reliably during operation. Don't want to have a faulty visual inspection in production? Easy Proof helps.

Automatically more time and less costs
with optical quality control

Easy Proof pays off twice for you. Whether optical quality control or optical quality inspection: with the automated solution, you relieve your specialists. They have more time for more specific tasks and you can use them more profitably.

Our integrated camera systems for your quality assurance help you produce fewer errors and gain more time for the essentials.

Higher quality, better products, more satisfied customers

If everything fits for you, it will also fit for your customers. Automated quality assurance undoubtedly leads to more professional processes and thus high-quality products.

Your customers will be pleased. Use automation for quality assurance in the pharmaceutical industry, for optical quality inspection in any application. You will convince your customers with flawless products at all times and at the same time comply with legal requirements.

Optimized workflows, higher productivity with inline quality control

Now bring routine to your efficiency. Inspect a wide variety of materials and sizes, whether it's parts in industrial quality assurance or quality inspection during manufacturing.

Easy Proof already offers you enormous cost advantages with its innovative series construction concept. Other factors such as the low operating costs, simple software, and high ease of maintenance additionally ensure that you are ideally positioned with Easy Proof.

Easy to use and always future-oriented

Camera inspection - Easy to integrate and operate

Easy Proof is made to work without problems. No matter by whom the solution is operated. Control is uncomplicated and intuitive. Easy Proof always adapts to your workflow.

The smart device for inline quality control integrates seamlessly into your manufacturing processes and existing production lines in your factory. No special knowledge or preparation is required for this either. We take care of everything. And are also available to provide you with advice and support.

Expert support and regular updates for highest quality

Not only the operation and integration are unique. Also everything that runs in the background. Our goal is to make handling Easy Proof easy and safe for you.

Benefit from software that is always up-to-date for your quality control and rely on our comprehensive consulting and services. No matter where you need us, whether it's for quality assurance in the pharmaceutical industry, quality assurance in the automotive industry, or for control in general: We and Easy Proof are always there for you.

From automation to pharmaceuticals: Perfect for all industries

Whether it's quality control in manufacturing, quality assurance in the production process or quality assurance in automation: Easy Proof checks it all. The device is suitable for numerous industries and areas of application: from quality assurance in pharmaceuticals to quality control in the automotive industry to quality assurance in mechanical engineering.

Especially quality control in production is essential for a successful business. Our quality assurance systems help you maintain your standards at all times. No matter what industry you are at home in.