The process of laser branding is more economical than labelling. You save on large amounts of consumable materials such as plastic packaging and labels, as well as other additives used to affix the label to the product. Storage costs are precluded for all these consumable materials, as all labels are saved directly in the machine database. You also save a great deal of time because the labelling can be altered or adapted within minutes. A packager can therefore respond to changes or new provisions in a short time. The machine costs are very low and the configuration of the process (i.e. The handling of products in front of and behind the machine) are adapted to the packager’s material cycle, thereby increasing efficiency. In many cases, the productivity of laser branding is already higher than the previous labelling machines were able to offer. Because consumable materials and manpower are not required, Natural Branding is a procedure that works both economically and ecologically. It should also be noted that the NB3002 machine can be used universally, i.e. all products can be marked using this machine. This means that the machine capacities can be used optimally, and on the other hand there are no retooling times.