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We have been building special machines for automation since 2013. We have therefore continuously further developed our modular system in the building of special machines for laser machines with CO2 laser and fibre lasers as well as product handling.

Individual laser maschines

Individual machine solutions for laser labelling

Building special laser machines since 2013

In the meantime, we have specialised fully in laser machines but have remained loyal to the construction of special machines here. More and more products have to be branded. Labelling lasers have therefore continued to increase their market share. For CO2 lasers as well as solid state lasers work without contact, quickly and with process reliability, so that the branding is durable and tamper-proof.

What is particularly important with regard to special machines for laser systems is that laser protection is taken into account in the design. This saves a great deal of time, and therefore money, in the development of the laser machine.

If the workpieces are lying chaotically on a conveyor belt, we rely on our rapid mess software. In combination with the 3D scanner, information on the position and alignment of the workpieces can be calculated and passed on to the handling system in a few milliseconds. In the latest version, the labelling can also be directed to prominent points or to the edges of workpieces. Because we measure all edges from above and overhead, the measured values can also be used for quality assurance of the workpieces.

The special features of our special laser machines




In the building of special machines, a great deal of value is placed on the optimisation of the processes for saving time and manpower. Automation therefore plays an important part. We offer everything required for a laser machine, from separators and simple sorting with slides via a pick and place solution, to complex robot solutions for all handling systems.

Simple integration

Depending on the requirement, we provide a complete machine or we integrate our laser unit into the existing production. For example, if there is sufficient space available between two workstations for a conveyor belt, we build our laser unit above the line. The data are then exchanged with the managing system via defined interfaces.

Product handling

The position and alignment of the workpieces can also be passed on to a handling system via the measurement software, which analyses the data from the 3D scanner. This saves on additional alignment of the workpieces and therefore on mechanical parts and costs. As different processes can take place at the same time, this usually also saves on expensive process time. The makes the laser machine more cost-effective with higher production at the same time.

Laser production

We also ensure that special machines have the required laser protection. If the laser protection of the series machine can be used, we have an EC type test. For official assessment of special machines with CO2 lasers or fibre lasers, we work with a certified official expert on laser technology.

Simple laser machine with conveyor belt

In the entry version, the laser labelling is triggered via a light barrier, through which the products pass on a conveyor belt. The labelling can therefore be aligned with the front or rear edge or at the centre. With the CO2 laser, the branding usually takes place on the fly. This means that the labelling is carried out while the other workpieces are being conveyed. The productivity can be optimised via the speed of the belt.

Simple software

We rely on our software standard for our special machines too. The EcoMark software makes it quick to learn about the handling of EcoMark machines. Flexible product management in Windows with a modern database for many workpieces rounds off the EcoMark software. We have many software functions in the standard version, which otherwise often have to be programmed. Workpiece, product and customer management helps with the effective use of the laser machine. The automatically generated analyses are ideal for controlling.
Should questions arise, we can usually help quickly via remote maintenance.

The benefits for you

Our expertise in laser labelling, the construction of special machines and contact with the leading laser manufacturers enables independent and professional consultation.

We support our customers from the design of laser systems to commissioning of the finished laser machine. The more we can build on standards, the greater the advantages for customers. The investment therefore becomes more cost-effective and economical, the development and project duration shorter, and the provision of replacement parts simpler during the service life.

Reference projects

Individual special machines for your requirements

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