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Veganis was looking for a partner to be able to supply a large Austrian food retailer with natural branding. The main focus was set on the flexibility which enables a quick and easy change of the PLU numbers and even moreimportant the settings for the laser intensity.


The fully equipped NB 6002 was delivered in March 2019 and has been running continuously since then in order to cover the volumes of the Austrian food retailer. Due to the quick, individual adjustment options, Veganis can optimize the process, as every degree of maturity of the fruit can be addressed.

Its versatile application options and the easy handling makes the NB6002 from Eco Mark the ideal device for our requirements. We will continue to rely heavily on the natural branding labeling solution in the future.

Christoph Mick

Managing partner, Veganis GmbH

Eosta B.V.


Eosta was looking for a partner which had developed a flexible solution to extend their natural branding capacities. The objective was that they should be able to respond quickly to other conditions, such as a change of the country of origin of fruits.

The characteristics of fruit and vegetable change according to the degree of ripeness, the country of origin or the season. Up to that point, they relied upon external assistance, however, the result of the changes could not be inspected. Even the smallest modifications to the settings therefore took a day.


The machine was delivered with the most important features and then further developed on an ongoing basis. We now have a series machine with which we can quickly adapt the branding of fruit and vegetables individually. Each fruit requires special settings at the machine for optimum branding.

Thanks to the extended capacities of the EcoMark system, it is now possible to address the requirements of, say, major retail chains, quickly.

Eosta has saved millions of packaging units (labels, transportation boxes and film) since the start of the cooperation with EcoMark using Natural Branding. The successes are visible and measurable, particularly with the ginger product line:

  • 68,000 kg less packaging per year
  • 310,000 kg less CO2 emissions per year or a driving distance of 2.5 million km by car.

We have found more than just a machine supplier with EcoMark. EcoMark includes us in the development process for Natural Branding and the system is open to all future requirements.

Paul Hendriks

Packaging specialist, Eosta

KSM Castings


The objective was to apply a DMC code to a gearbox made of aluminium pressure casting via laser labelling. Furthermore, the DMC code had to be checked for legibility via a camera. The scrap was to be sorted out directly.


The workpieces are loaded manually at the loading point on a workpiece carrier. The products are carried to the laser safety area via the conveyor belt. The correct alignment and positioning of the products is achieved via a poka-yoke system. A mechanical flap at the entrance to the laser tunnel checks the loading depth so that the system stops automatically in the event of an incorrect placement. Automatic product recognition of the laser station checks the loading volume of the workpiece carrier and starts the laser process. After the laser marking of the DMC code, the legibility is checked by a camera. The results are passed to the following marking station so that the products can be marked OK or defective there. Products are grouped and marked via colour marking using ink. Defective Products are transferred out via a chute. OK Products are lifted from the workpiece carriers on the conveyor via a pick and place system and are placed on a conveyor belt. The products are removed manually from this.



Individual construction of aluminium designer rails up to a length of 2,500 mm using laser labelling, to increase product advertising and professional implementation of customer requirements. Labelling on different finishes was required here: powder-coated, anodised, painted, or raw or brushed aluminium.


The rails are inserted manually and parallel in the magazine locations for laser marking, and are placed using a ball bearing mounted precise guidance system, so that four different profiles can be labelled with one workpiece holder. An automatic measuring device relays the workpiece length information to the control unit. The laser room is always closed so that the protection guidelines are fulfilled according to laser class 1. After laser marking of the QR codes, the rails are removed manually.



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