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Easy Branding by EcoMark

Laser labelling and laser marking solutions for industry

Easy Branding is ideal for economical, flexible and automated laser branding of workpieces in the industrial sector. Laser labelling is carried out automatically and involves alignment of the laser marking without any absorption into the product.

EasyBranding by EcoMark Laser Marking Solutions for industry

Individual machine solutions for laser labelling

Smart branding in industry

Laser labelling or laser branding is suitable for many materials and applications. Individual details such as text, numbers, graphics and codes can be applied directly to workpieces. This may often preclude the requirement for other expendable materials such as labels or packaging. Another advantage of laser labelling is its resistance to mechanical stress and chemicals. Due to the very low running costs and ease of maintenance, laser branding is very often superior to other systems. Labelling lasers therefore increasingly prevail in the industry, and they are among the most reliable branding systems.


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How does laser marking work?

The Easy Branding process

The workpiece(s) is/are placed on the conveyor belt of the EcoMark machine. The workpiece is measured three-dimensionally at the first station. The position and alignment of the marking are calculated and transmitted to the laser. The branding is then carried out completely automatically. The QR code is checked for legibility at the final station. The machine automatically recognises whether one or more workpieces is placed on the conveyor belt and it adapts the processes.

New workpieces can be applied and set up. No setting up time or investments are required for new workpieces. You can store any number of different workpieces in the database and retrieve them again in no time.


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Laser machine with conveyor belt

In the entry version, the laser branding is triggered via a light barrier, through which the products pass on a conveyor belt. The alignment of the products can be carried out via workpiece carriers, a special conveyor belt or a simple limit stop. Our solution for cost-effective entry into automatic laser branding.

Laser protection and the CE declaration are always in place.

Modular design

The interfaces for exchanging data with a central SPS or production system have already been prepared.

For the Siemens Simatic S7 with TIA portal or Beckhoff controls, axis layouts and axis controls are already available as ready-to-use components. Therefore, only the system-specific parameters have to be entered in the EcoMark Software.

Simple software

The latest software makes it quick to learn about the handling of EcoMark machines. Flexible product management in Windows with a modern database for many workpieces rounds off the EcoMark software. We have many software functions in the standard version, which otherwise often have to be programmed. Should questions arise, we can usually help quickly via remote maintenance.

Easy Branding laser labelling

Durable and tamper-proof branding

Lasers write extremely quickly, durably and reliably. The advantage of lasers compared to other procedures is that they do not require any expendable materials such as ink, printer ribbons or labels. Furthermore, the laser labels without making contact so that uneven and sensitive surfaces can also be marked straightforwardly.

Depending on the type of laser, the service life of the laser can be expected to be between 50,000 and 100,000 operating hours. There are no expendable materials to be factored into operating costs and no expenditure on maintenance.

Various types of laser and performance levels are built into our laser machines for different remits:

CO2 lasers

Along with the fibre laser, the carbon laser (or CO2 laser for short) is one of the most commonly used lasers for industrial laser labelling. As the CO2 laser is very efficient and cost-effective, it is particularly suitable for laser branding.

Fibre lasers

Like the CO2 laser, the fibre laser, also known as a “solid-state laser”, is one of the most commonly used lasers for industrial laser engraving. The fibre laser provides the highest beam quality and energy density. It is therefore ideal for applying laser engraving on materials of high density.

YAG lasers

The YAG laser is also a solid state laser and can be directed by a glass fibre cable due to its low wavelength. It is used for special requirements in the field of plastic, labels and films.



If you are looking for a flexible laser branding solution and the productivity of a laser manual workstation is not adequate, “Easy Branding” automatic laser branding from EcoMark is the economical alternative.

EcoMark machines of the EB series have major advantages:

  • A machine for many different workpieces
  • No special workpiece holder is required
  • No risk: The ready-to-use solution is presented before ordering
  • No project risk as is the case with special machines
  • Integration of the laser you require
  • Modular design enables pre-production of assemblies, which can only be installed according to your requirements
  • Short delivery times, as no customer-specific development is usually required
  • Integration into existing production lines is also possible
  • Standard Windows software with different user profiles
  • Ready-to-use interfaces with the leading laser manufacturers for data exchange with other production systems
  • Complete reports for key production figures
  • Short set-up times, as all settings are saved in a database
  • Compliance with the safety provisions for all types of laser (CO2, fibre and UV lasers) with EC type testing certification
  • EcoMark is an independent manufacturer of laser branding machines.



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