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EcoMark GmbH

The specialists in laser labelling / laser branding

As the former specialist mechanical engineers of D+E GmbH, we have built countless special machines for laser labelling over the years. We were producing special machines there according to technical specifications, and we noticed:
the requirements were usually very similar.

From this, the idea emerged of specialising in the field of laser labelling and setting up our own company, EcoMark GmbH. A standard laser machine would serve as a basis, into which all labelling lasers could be built. A 3D scanner would automatically recognise the products if required. To complete the process, there should be the option of checking the codes automatically. More than 90% of the typical requirements of laser machines for labelling lasers are thereby covered.

The offer is rounded off by high-performance software for machine operators. This is designed to be user-friendly, and makes it easy to apply and set up new products. EcoMark software thereby enables fast and process-optimised work as a central link between the different applications.

EcoMark GmbH

Special machines with laser technology

About us

We have been developing specialist laser machines for the automatic branding of any material since 2013. Since April 2018, we have been an independent limited company (GmbH) and we operate under the company name “EcoMark GmbH”. Larger orders can also be processed quickly thanks to our continuing close connection with D+E GmbH. (D+E link?)

From injection-moulded parts to plastics and foodstuffs, EcoMark GmbH offers laser machines for high-quality branding solutions. Innovative thinking and close cooperation with our customers to successfully compete in finding the best solution.

Our core competence is the integration and automation of laser labelling procedures. Since the beginning of 2018, we have had specialist series machines for fruit and vegetables in our range. These are better known as “Natural Branding” machines or the “NB” series. We coined the term “Natural Branding” internationally, in cooperation with our first customer and development partner, EOSTA (NATURE & More).

In association with modern camera technology, our innovative EcoMark software enables great flexibility and maximum precision in branding “on the fly”.

Since 2019, we have also been offering our “Easy Branding” laser machines for the industrial sector. They are characterised by higher measurement precision for product recognition and even greater flexibility.

Thanks to our many years of experience in special mechanical engineering, besides the ready-made system solution, we offer individually adapted solutions based on customer requirements and requests.

Whether as a “standalone” version or integrated into customers’ production lines, you can rely on a strong partner in terms of planning, consultation and design with EcoMark.

Experience and expertise combined

Our expertise consists of :


Consultation and planning

for the best customer-specific solution for automation, integration and process optimisation for laser labelling

Development and design

of laser labelling machines


of the machine


of the expertise of agricultural engineers, software programmers and mechanical engineers

Special machines

with product and cost optimisations in series

Customer support

Special machines from Neuwied

What defines us

We are experts in automation processes and we specialise in laser branding. We design the entire process in conjunction with our customers, and we take into account all aspects in order to be able to offer the customer the best solution for their requirements: Planning and consultation, development and design, commissioning and customer support. As a modern company, at EcoMark we are aware of the necessity of optimising processes (and process times) to remain in line with the growing demands of the global economy.



Do you have any questions, or are you interested in our laser machines? Please contact us.

EcoMark GmbH

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